On February 24 I helped my friend and colleague, Scott Bacon, photograph a climbing competition at Roca Climbing & Fitness here in Rochester, Minnesota. I’d been wanting to checkout this place anyway, so it was a great opportunity to do just that while also photographing a very cool event. And because I don’t have a better category for a shoot like this, I have categorized it under editorial photography.

Scott spent part of the day shooting the early rounds and then I helped with the finals, which involved the top 20 climbers. Their climbing route was revealed to them at the same time when they removed a large tarp that had been covering it all day, then the competition began! Scott actually hoisted himself about 40 feet off the ground and shot the participants as they climbed the wall, and I covered it all from the ground and made sure to get plenty of the large crowd that was there to watch and cheer. Only one climber made it all the way to the top and she was also the youngest of the twenty at 12 years of age. Below are some favorites from the event.

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