Yes, I do business portraits, or corporate portraits! However, if you only need a couple of them it just isn’t economical since I have to bring my studio to you. Typically, a company will have me do at least 8 headshots to make it worthwhile. Here are samples from a recent shoot I did here in Rochester, Minnesota, for Waters Medical. For something like this I spend about 45 minutes getting set-up, then can crank out a portrait every 5 minutes. I completed 10 headshots in about 45 minutes on this shoot, but sometimes I’ll shoot 60-80 over the course of the day. If you’d like to schedule a time to get some updated headshots, I’d be happy to help!

Rochester, Minnesota, photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, editorial and corporate photography since 1991. Besides corporate portraits, business portraits and headshots,  dean also specializes editorial, industrial, healthcarefood & hospitality, agricultural, architecture, healthcare, science, product and Rochester, Mn, photo stock.