I recently did a science/medical/healthcare photography shoot for HeartWorks here in Rochester, Minnesota. We spent one full day shooting both corporate portraits, as well as various shots throughout their labs. I’ve specialized in medical photography, Science & Research photography, and Healthcare photography, for more than three decades, so this was something I have a lot of experience with. And I always love this type of work. It’s just so fascinating!

“HeartWorks is laser focused on CHD research and creating positive outcomes for people born with congenital heart defects. Through our revolutionary platform, we tap the best ideas and advance them through trials and onto therapies that give children and adults with CHD an opportunity to live fulfilling lives.

HeartWorks was created in June, 2020 to accelerate and expand the product development pioneered by the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), founded at Mayo Clinic in 2010. The HLHS program has formed a nationwide research consortium and developed cell-based therapeutics to treat CHD, some of which are currently in clinical trials.

The HLHS program’s team of physicians, scientists, and engineers have a combined average of nearly 30 years of experience across their respective disciplines and have focused this expertise on treatments for the most severe forms of CHD, thereby furthering advanced research in genetics, stem cell biology, clinical trials, and cell-based manufacturing.  The team developed a platform that enables multiple cell-based clinical trials to be conducted simultaneously in collaboration with a consortium of world class medical institutions. HeartWorks will expand the HLHS program product pipeline and grow its ecosystem of partners to scale up development of new CHD therapies, clinical trials, and product launches.

Our ecosystem is a critical component of our success. All of our partners believe in and actively support our vision of transformative product development for the CHD community. We will engender trust with our benefactors, CHD children and families, and partner institutions by sharing data and outcomes at a level not possible before within individual institutions. We will share our successes together.”