For three years now I have done the agricultural photography for the SEMA Equipment annual wall calendar. Every year is a different theme with the most recent being “the old and the new,” which features young kids with old vintage John Deere tractors. As an agricultural photographer for 30 years now I’ve done my share of farm shoots and I love them all. For this project I traveled around southern Minnesota and northern Iowa to twelve different farms. Typically I would try to get to all twelve farms in a three day period, but with all the rain we had this fall it ended up taking three weeks to get to them all! Anyway, the one featured here is of Rudy Raatz and his son, Theodore, on a farm property they recently purchased near Sargeant, Minnesota, and plan to build on. You’ll have to grab yourself a 2020 SEMA calendar to see the rest! :-)

Rochester, Minnesota, Photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, corporate & editorial photography since 1991. Areas of expertise include agriculture, food, product, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, environmental portraits,  education/campus life and Rochester, Minnesota photo stock.