I did some science & research photography, or medical photography, for Mayo Clinic Laboratories over the past few years. We spent around 15 days shooting in about 35 labs throughout their Rochester, Minnesota, medical campus, shooting in Baldwin, Gonda, Mayo, Guggenheim, and the others. It was such a fun and interesting shoot and we literally shot thousands of images. The following are from the Mayo Medical Laboratories Facebook page.

I’ve specialized in healthcare & medical photography for more than three decades and love that type of work. When I first left the newspaper to go off on my own in January 2000, the very first project I did was Mayo Clinic’s 1999 annual report, which had me shooting documentary-style at their Scottsdale, Jacksonville and Rochester campuses. Such an awesome project that was.

Rochester, Minnesota, photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, editorial and corporate photography since 1991. Besides healthcare & medical photography, dean also specializes industrial, healthcarefood & hospitality, agricultural, people, healthcare, science, product and Rochester, Mn, photo stock.