A few weeks ago I was on a two day commercial photography shoot in Cleveland, Minnesota, which is about 90 miles northwest of Rochester and 90 miles southwest of Minneapolis. This was for a company called Demco who had supplied all the new furnishings for this recent remodel and addition at the K-12 school there. So it was a combination of a commercial architectural photography shoot and a commercial product photography shoot.

“We’ve grown with our customers since 1905, when our founders started the Library Department of the Democrat Printing Company to help make librarians’ lives easier. Today Demco’s mission is to serve both libraries and the broader education community to foster lifelong learning. And, as the roles of schools and libraries continue to evolve and expand, we are committed to evolving our services and product selection to meet your needs.”

Below are a few highlights from this shoot. If you had seen what things looked like when we arrived you’d be shocked we were able to even get these. There were workers all over the school finishing up with painting, computer installation, and the Demco people were still unpacking, putting together and installing their pieces throughout the building. And the child models had to drive down from the Minneapolis area in a snowstorm. But we made it work with a little creativity and hard work from the two women from Demco who drove over from the Madison area to get this done!