As an editorial photographer since 1991, starting out for The Rochester Post-Bulletin (1991-2000), I tend do shoot a fair amount for magazines. Earlier this year The Post-Bulletin started publishing a new business magazine called “Pulse” and they contracted with me to shoot all the cover stories. Since then I have photographed several people/businesses for this magazine, including this most recent story on Craig Reichel, who owns Reichel Foods as well as Coyote Creek, both located in Rochester, Minnesota. Reichel Foods makes fresh snack packs featuring sliced apples, caramel, carrots, cheese, ranch, pickles, and more. The company was started in 1997 in Reichel’s basement and is known for it’s fresh “Dippin Stix” snacks. The company produces more than 40 products at it’s Rochester, Minnesota, facilities, which it distributes to every state in the country.

You can view this edition of Pulse here.

Rochester, Minnesota, photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, editorial and corporate photography since 1991. Besides corporate photography he also specializes in agricultural, architecture, healthcare, science, industrial, product and Rochester, Mn, photo stock.