I recently did a product photography shoot for COVR Medical out of Rochester, Minnesota. COVR Medical makes medical garments that are worn during various medical procedures and surgeries. They are designed to allow physicians and surgeons easy access all while giving the patient some privacy. I’ve specialized in product photography for more than 27 years, but something like this was a first. We had full-size mannequins in my “home studio,” and it actually worked out perfectly. Here’s an outtake from our shoot, which we did in my “home studio.”

“Designed to meet the needs of both the patient and the medical staff, COVR garments provide complete coverage of the patient’s genitalia while allowing procedural access to the hip, groin, thigh and other areas of the pelvis.”

Client: http://covrmedical.com/


Rochester Minnesota Photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in product photography since 1991. Other areas of expertise include agriculture, food, hospitality, corporate, commercial, industrial, and college campus photography. Dean is available to travel anywhere his van or a plane will take him.

Product photography shoot for COVR Medical.