A couple of weeks ago I spent a day down in Garner, Iowa, doing some commercial industrial photography at a place called Plas-Tech Tooling, which was founded by Dean and Marcia Sonquist in 1993. Plas-Tech Tooling is a full-service machine shop and injection mold building/molding operation. They design and build high quality injection mold tools and have the capacity to mold their customer’s finished parts.  They also perform production machining of plastic and metal components, help guide customers through design for manufacturability of their parts, provide rapid prototypes and utilize CAD/CAM and SOLIDWORKS. Their QA and Reverse Engineering programs are enhanced through the use of our Hexagon Metrology Master 3D Gauge.

We spent the day photographing the machines and processes, as well as the people that make it all happen. It was a very productive day and interesting to see how these things are done!

I’ve been specializing in industrial photography for 30 years now. If you have a project you would like to get done I’d love to discuss it with you!