I was recently was hired to do some commercial architectural photography at a series of schools in Northfield, Minnesota, for longtime client, Knutson Construction, and new client, Wold Architects. Greenvale Park is an all-new elementary school that was built right next to the old elementary school, which is now a community center. This is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, which you can see from the highlights posted here. I also did some architectural photography at two existing school buildings that were either renovated or added onto; Bridgewater and Sibley. This shoot was fairly extensive and took about three days to complete. When I looked at my health app I had walked more than 16,000 steps the first day, which is about 8 miles! Thankfully I had help from a couple of people from Wold Architects who helped prepare each area by setting-up tables, straightening chairs, removing distracting objects and making them look their best. There are so many factors to deal with when doing architectural photography and having the extra help made it go so much faster and smoother than doing it all myself!

Dean Riggott has specialized in commercial architectural photography in Rochester, Minneapolis, and the surrounding areas, for more 25 years. Whether it be for a builder, general contractor, architect, interior designer, or owner, I have the experience, knowledge and equipment to help my clients showcase their projects in a flattering and creative manner. Just shoot me an email if you have any questions or would like to get something scheduled!