This was an editorial photography assignment that had me over at Mayo Clinic shooting some environmental portraits of a psychologist for Monitor on Psychology magazine. In each issue they have a section titled, “Psychologist on the Team” where they feature someone from around the country. This particular story was on Jennifer Vencill, PhD, who is part of an internal medicine team that helps women overcome physical and psychological barriers to sexual intimacy. “So often I see a light bulb go off when patients realize that there are treatments for a lot of their sexual health concerns,” Vencill says. “They start to understand that this is a normal aspect of health and intimately connected to their well-being.” 

Healthcare photography, editorial photography and environmental portraits are areas that I’ve specialized in for years, so partnering-up with them for this project was perfect. But, of course, with the tight restrictions Mayo has on areas I’m allowed to shoot, and the fact that I can’t get in any patients, makes things a bit more challenging. And Jennifer had a crazy busy schedule, so I wanted to get her in and out as quickly as possible. Therefor, we met in the Gonda Building and shot in one of the common seating areas where there was a lot of nice window light. Just a little fill light off the ceiling and we had a great portrait in under 20 minutes!


Rochester, Minnesota, Photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, corporate & editorial photography since 1991. Areas of expertise include agriculture, food, product, architecture, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, environmental portraits and education photography.