Last week I had biomedical photography shoot in St Paul, Minnesota for a company called Bio-Techne. As a commercial photographer working primarily out of Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota, I tend to do a lot of industrial and healthcare photography.  This was a situation where their brand new faculty was almost complete and they had this one opportunity to get inside and do some photography before the place is locked down and kept sterile, which is of absolute importance for the type of science they specialize in. The company purchased the building for $3 million and invested close to $50 million renovating and getting it ready for occupancy. The company specializes in cell and gene therapies.

Technically this shoot should fall under the science category, but since I don’t have a portfolio dedicated specifically to that I’m filing it under Healthcare Photography. The company wanted images that capture the space, the high-tech equipment as well as the process showing employees doing their work there. So they brought in some of the actual employees who will be working in the facility, as well as a few who work in their downtown Minneapolis offices, and we spent the day moving from one area to another with me and my crew shooting stills while one of their people shot video. Considering the limited period of time I think it was a very successful shoot and they seemed very happy with the results. I’ll be posting highlights in the coming days, but for now a few behind-the-scenes shots of me doing my thing.