This week I did some architectural photography of Mayo Clinic’s all-new Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Building in downtown Rochester, Minnesota. This was a collaboration between longtime client, Knutson Construction, and HDR.

As a professional commercial photographer in Minnesota I tend to do a lot of architectural photography, which I really love. So shoot me an email if you have a project you’d like photographed!

“Work on the building began in June 2021 with a lead gift from the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation. Contributions from the Kellen Foundation and other generous benefactors have supported the majority of the construction costs for this new research building. It features flexible facilities for basic and translational research to address serious and complex conditions, with a focus on discoveries in neurosciences and cancer research. The research floors include open, collaborative areas and lab space.”

Kellen Building Fast Facts

Building shell

  • 10,000 cubic yards of concrete.
  • 30,000 cubic yards of excavated soil.
  • 1,480,000 linear feet (52 tons of weight) of electrical wire.


  • 16,000-pound steel staircase on the ground floor.
  • 600 5-foot mobile laboratory benches.
  • 53 fume and biosafety hoods.
  • Designed and constructed to use 30% less energy than comparable buildings.


  • The glass exterior consists of 979 panels covering 60,000 square feet of 1-inch insulated glass.
  • Each panel weighs over 600 pounds and is made of material completely sourced from the U.S.
  • 334 steel outrigger embeds, or support beams, support the scrim structure. Each beam weighs about 160 pounds, bringing the total weight to over 53,000 pounds.
  • The scrim features a secret shield graphic, representing the three shields of Mayo Clinic: Practice, Research and Education.
  • The external scrim reduces solar heat gain and contributes to energy reduction.

Rochester, Minnesota, photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, editorial and corporate photography since 1991. Besides architectural photography, dean also specializes industrial, healthcarefood & hospitality, agricultural, people, healthcare, science, product and Rochester, Mn, photo stock.