More healthcare photography shot right here in Rochester, Minnesota! These are some recent pieces that Mayo Clinic has published to promote their labs. This is some of the healthcare-medical photography I’ve been doing over the past year that I haven’t been able to post until it had been used. There is so much more, so hopefully some of it will be used soon and I can post that, too. But so far I have spent around ten days shooting in 29 Mayo labs and I’ll be shooting for a few more days this month and next. It’s been a fantastic project to work on and so interesting seeing how things are done. And the best part is that they just lead me to a lab and give me free reign to shoot whatever I want! I love it! 

Rochester, Minnesota, photographer, Dean Riggott, has specialized in commercial, editorial and corporate photography since 1991. Besides corporate photography he also specializes in agricultural, architecture, healthcare, science, industrial, product and Rochester, Mn, photo stock.