A made a post a couple of weeks ago with a few photos of me on an industrial photography shoot north of Minneapolis at a place called Aggressive Hydraulics. This was my second time shooting for this company with the first being back in 2018.

Aggressive Hydraulics was founded in 2002 and specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of custom hydraulic cylinders. They have a large facility in Cedar, Minnesota, where all of this takes place. I spent the day going from one area to anther on a very tight schedule trying to get as much shot for them as possible without sacrificing quality. The key to this is proper planning, preparedness and a good assistant. With a couple of ProFoto battery-powered strobes on rolling stands, my Nikon D810 body on a tripod and my laptop and other gear on a cart we were able to move around pretty efficiently with very little down-time between shots.

I always love these industrial photography shoots. I love the noise, the smoke, the sparks, the faces and the entire process. There’s just something interesting about it and it’s always fun and challenging creating images that are powerful, interesting and also accomplish what the client is setting out to show prospective clientele.

Dean Riggott has been a commercial, corporate and editorial photographer in Minnesota since 1991. He works primarily out of Rochester, St Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, but is available to travel anywhere you need him.