Yesterday I did an architectural photography shoot for Weis Builders here in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota. They are the ones who did the major renovation of the Holiday Inn Downtown, which is now Hotel Indigo and Crave Restaurant. I’m not sure if you’d call this a hospitality photography shoot or an architectural photography shoot since it’s actually a bit of both! As a commercial photographer working primarily out of Rochester and Minneapolis I tend to do a lot of shoots like this.

I do a lot of work for builders and architects here in Rochester as well as Minneapolis. It’s something I’ve done for a very long time and really enjoy. Photographing architecture has its challenges but isn’t nearly as stressful as working with people. It’s just me, a building and the light. I’m looking for interesting angles that showcase the space and either watching and waiting for beautiful natural light or creating it. I do a lot of layering plates together which will mean nothing to those of you who aren’t into photography. Haha. But basically I keep my camera positioned on a tripod and light the room one section at a time. I then layer those frames together in Photoshop to create one final image that often times looks better than it actually does in real life. It’s a technique I’ve perfected over the last 15 years. I’d tell you more but then I’d have to kill you. ;-)
Anyway, here are a few highlights of Hotel Indigo as well as Crave restaurant, which is on the second level. Such an awesome project!