In February 2015 I flew over to Cap Haitian, Haiti, and made the short trek to For Liberte where I have friends living and working as missionaries. Shane and Kara Gauthier, along with their five young children, ages four to fourteen, have been living in Haiti for two years and are committed to another ten. They joined fellow missionaries Matt and Pam McCormick, as well as Josh and Joy King, who have been living in the country for more than 6 years.

I had never been to a third world country and really didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous about being mugged or having my gear stolen, but knew there was little I could other than to be careful and use common sense. I just put it all in God’s hands and set out to document what these friends of mine were doing and do my best to capture the people, their life and the land.

Paulos Group is the non-profit organization the Gauthier’s, King’s and McCormick’s have created. Their goal is to create a development of homes that are considerably nicer than what the Haitians typically live in, get families into these homes and teach others how to build the homes. The houses have concrete reinforcements, tin roofing, insulation, quality windows, weatherproofing, solar power, and are complete with kitchens and bathrooms, a luxury most Haitian homes are not equipped with. They are very nice and  huge step up for the Haitian people.

What you see here are highlights of the people, the places and the lifestyle I encountered while visiting. I had a fantastic time. was very moved and inspired by how happy these people are despite how little they have. I hope to continue going back, both to help these missionaries further their cause, as well as document the people of Haiti.

If you’d like to support Paulos Group you can make a one-time, or recurring, donations on their website at

Dean Riggott has been an editorial photographer in Minnesota since 1991. In addition, he also specializes in commercial, corporate and advertising photography, frequently shooting architecture, food, environmental portraits, industrial and agriculture.



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