Today I did some environmental portraits for the University of Minnesota over at One Discovery Square right here in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota. They had recently given the very first Scholarship in Honor of George Floyd to one of their students and were planning to spend some time with her doing video interviews. And they hired me to swing by and shoot some portraits of her for some online editorial content. It had been a while since I had parked on the streets in downtown Rochester and I was a little baffled when I saw that the cars were parked about 5-6 feet from the curb. I figured it must be for a bike lane, but had to wonder who the heck would be riding their bike in below zero temps and with snow and ice everywhere. I guess there must be some hardcore riders out there. Haha. I’ll take my Toyota Sienna with heated seats and surround sound, but thanks!

One Discovery Square is such a cool building with amazing light and so many awesome areas to photograph people. I brought it one of my ProFoto B1s and a large octabank, but could have easily gotten by without it. I just found a few nice backdrops and mixed it up with a 35 1.4 lens and an 85 1.8 lens.  I only had about 20 minutes as the video crew was set-up and just waiting for me to do my thing. Christian showed up right on time, was sweet as could be and I shot a few portraits of the Tennessee girl. Below are a few highlights.

Besides portraits for editorial and commercial use, Dean also specializes in industrial, agricultural, hospitality and healthcare photography. He works primarily in Rochester and Minneapolis, Minnesota, but is available to travel anywhere.