Last week I did a couple of industrial photography shoots for Elcor Construction of the Broadway project they are working on. This is a huge overhaul of Broadway which is the main drag going north and south through downtown Rochester, Minnesota. There will be bike lanes, plantings, a center turning lane, nice bus stops, benches and so on. They’ve been working on this for a couple of months now and will continue throughout the year.

As an industrial photographer in Minnesota I tend to do a lot of projects like this. I just find the equipment, people and processes so interesting. There are guys pushing around dirt and digging holes with big machinery, interesting characters, and all sorts of other cool things going on.  This time I also did some shooting from the air, as I bought my first drone just a couple of months ago! It was perfect for this type of job to show the entire scope of the project, as well as the setting and surroundings.

Elcor Construction specializes in excavating, underground utilities, trucking, paving and snow removal and has been a major player in this area since the 1980s.

Below are a few of the highlights.