I had a hospitality photography shoot this week for SpotHopper at Coronas taco truck here in Rochester, Minnesota. I’ve specialized in both food and hospitality photography, primarily in Minneapolis and Rochester, for 30 years now. And Corona’s is undoubtedly my favorite taco truck in Rochester, so I was excited to be able to help them promote their awesome food. And although they plan to keep their taco truck up and running in Southeast Rochester, they will be opening a second location in The Galleria this spring. So now it will be even more convenient to grab yourself some authentic Mexican cuisine! Corona’s is owned and operated by Jesus and Leti and they also get a lot of help from their children, so it is truly a family operation. They are a super nice couple and were fantastic to work with. Below are a few photos from our shoot. If you haven’t eaten here before, make sure to check it out! They hand make everything and it is absolutely fantastic!

Dean has been a commercial photographer in Rochester and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and beyond, since 1991. He specializes in agricultural, industrial, hospitality, Education, architecture, product and culinary photography and will take on any job that either excites him or pays well! ;-)