As an agricultural photographer in Minnesota and the midwest I am always on the lookout for something to photograph. Everywhere I go, whether it be a work trip, a personal trip or driving one of my daughters to a friends house or dance class, I always have my camera gear in the van and am on watching for nice farm scenes or someone out working in the fields that I can stop to photograph. Sometimes I’ll jump out and shoot for two minutes before moving on and other times I’ll stay for a couple of hours if it’s photo-worthy and I have the time. This particular shoot is of a farmer on the edge of Rochester who I’ve photographed in the past. So I’d been communicating with his wife so I’d know when he was out harvesting. It made a few attempts to spend time with him, but either machinery was down, I was busy with kids or other shoots, he wasn’t out or the light just wasn’t good. But I was finally able to spend a little time with Ken Bourquin as he harvested corn again this year. Ken’s Rochester, Minnesota, farm has been in his family since 1856, which to me makes it even more awesome. That’s 166 years!