Earlier this week I was hired to spend an afternoon doing some commercial agricultural photography of Mike Zabel and his father, David, harvest corn on the family farm in Plainview, Minnesota. This three-generation farm has operated Zabel Seeds since the 1940s and Mike’s wife, Kim, is planning to update the company website and wanted images for that, social media and just to have for the family history. David Zabel is now 85 years of age and still spends much of his time working on the family farm, including driving the combine which you’ll see below. Also helping out by driving the tractor with the grain cart was their cousin, Karen, who lives just up the road. And, of course, the family dog, Gracie, who kept Mike company as he drove the grain truck. It was a beautiful afternoon and there’s no shoot I’d rather do than a commercial agricultural photography shoot like this. I absolutely love it!

Dean Riggott has been a commercial photographer shooting primarily out of Rochester and Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1991. He is available to travel anywhere you need him!

Farmer and his dog unloading corn from a grain truck

Mike Zabel and his dog, Gracie, unload corn from a grain truck on the family farm near Plainview, Minnesota.

Farmer portrait with combine in background

Mike Zabel looks out over his fields as his father, David, gets out of the combine.

Two farmers stand in a field for a portrait

Mike Zabel and his father, David, on the family farm in Plainview, Minnesota.

Reflection of a farmer in the mirror as he drives combine

David Zabel combines corn on his three generation farm.

Farmer climbs ladder to look into grain cart

Mike Zabel watches as the combine uploads into the grain truck.

A combine fills a grain cart as it drives through a field of corn.

Corn flows into a grain cart as it makes it’s way through the field.

A farm dog looks out the window of a grain truck.

Gracie waits patiently in the truck as it fills with corn on the Zabel farm.

Loading a grain truck with a beautiful sky at sunset

Mike Zabel and his cousin, Cheryl, work in a cornfield at sunset.

David Zabel harvest corn on the family farm in Plainview, Minnesota.

Mike Zabel watches as his father and cousin harvest corn on their Plainview, Minnesota, farm.

Mike Zabel checks the moisture content of the corn during harvest.

Corn is harvested on the Zabel farm in Plainview, Minnesota.

Mike Zabel helps his dog, Gracie, into the grain truck while harvesting corn.