I can’t believe I’m just now posting these images from this commercial photography shoot I did for Bulwark CP protective wear back in August of last year in St Paul, Minnesota. It was a collaboration between Friends & Neighbors, as well as Noware Media, both out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bobbi Peacock worked as the producer on this project and did a fantastic job of organizing everything in the midst of the covid pandemic. She and I have worked on other projects together and it’s always a pleasure. Working for Friends & Neighbors and Noware was a first for me and was also a terrific experience. I hope I have the opportunity to work with both again down the road. Anyway, below are a few highlights from this full-day shoot in a lab at St Paul College, which we had rented for the day. It was a very productive and successful shoot!

Dean Riggott has been a commercial photographer in Minnesota since 1991. He works primarily in Minneapolis and Rochester, but is available to travel anywhere.