Every so often I shoot something just for fun to keep me inspired. So while trying to think of something fun to shoot I remembered the bull riding event at the Olmsted County Fair in Rochester, Minnesota, that I photographed back in 2019. As an editorial photographer I love shooting in the photojournalistic style that got be started in the business when I spent nine years shooting for the Rochester Post-Bulletin newspaper from 1991-2000. So I looked up the company that had put on that previous event—Great Frontier Bull Riding Company, Inc.—and sent them a message on Facebook asking if they’d be willing to give me full access to an event I saw on their website coming up in Waseca, Minnesota, on July 14th, and thankfully they were willing. So I hit the road on the 14th and drove over to Waseca. It turned out to be a beautiful evening, everyone was friendly and cooperative and I had a ton of fun. So, enjoy the below highlights and watch for more bull riding images when I shoot another one of their events at the Olmsted County Fair on July 29th!