This week I was up in Woodbury, Minnesota, shooting corporate portraits of Bio-Techne executives since they were all meeting at a hotel, which was an opportunity to get them all in one location. My oldest daughter helped me with this one since it was very last minute and something she’d actually be able to help me with not having any assistant/grip experience. We drove up the night before and were able to get everything set-up in the conference room so we could sleep-in a little later and not have such a long day. It would seem that simple portraits like this would be a quick and easy set-up, but it actually requires more equipment than about 90% of the shoots I do. Beside a 9 foot backdrop with stands, cross-pole and paper role, I also need four strobes with modifiers, the camera on a tripod and my computer. It’s a lot of work to get everything hauled in and ready to go! We then started bright and early at 7am and were given 15 minutes every couple of hours to crank out 5-6 portraits. Even having set-up the night before it was still a 13 hour day once we got back to Rochester. But all went well and everyone was happy with the results! I still can’t believe this was the first shoot Grace had been on with me, as she’s already 17 years old!