This month I spent a few hours at Daley Farms just north of Byron, Minnesota, on an farm photography shoot. I had met Doug and Jennifer Daley at my youngest daughter’s soccer games and the conversation eventually lead to me being an agricultural photographer and them having a dairy farm nearby. So I asked if I could stop out sometime to shoot for my farm life/agricultural photograph stock and they were happy to accommodate me. A few weeks later, during a slow time, I drove out and shot from about 2pm until sundown. It was a much larger operation than I had envisioned, but that just gave me more opportunities to photograph the various aspects of running a dairy farm in today’s world. On this particular dairy farm they milk 1000 cows three times a day, so there are three shifts of workers and something is always going on! I even got to photograph a newborn calf, which is almost a daily occurrence this time of year! It was pretty cool to see how quickly the mother cleans it off and how soon it is up and walking around on it’s own! Even though I have specialized in agricultural photography for 30 years I had never photographed this before, so I was thrilled to capture some of these images! If you’d like to view more from this farm shoot just click here: Daley Dairy Farm Photography

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